Grand designs demand equally remarkable materials.

Brought to you by leading Australian timber producers Branch 95, Select 8 represents an exceptional range of native specialty timbers. Sustainably sourced from Far North Queensland, these premium timbers are harvested in accordance with environmental guidelines to ensure consistent, reliable supply. With unique origins, grain, character and colour, they’re as distinctive as they are beautiful.

For architects, designers and builders, Select 8 gives you the chance to work with materials like nothing else on earth. Whether you’re creating an iconic building, a high-end commercial fit-out, or a bespoke piece of furniture, the end result is bound to be remarkable.

Select 8 range

Black Bean

Northern Silky Oak

Black Wattle

Queensland Maple

Cooktown Ironwood 

Queensland Silver Ash

Darwin Stringy Bark 

Red Tulip Oak

Select 8 Timber Species

Introducing Select 8: a range of premium specialty timbers, sustainably sourced from Australian forests.

The Select 8 timber range is readily available in various profiles and sizes.

Non Core Timber species

Branch 95’s Non Core Timber species has 26 timbers to choose from which includes:

  • Blackwood
  • Blush Silky Oak
  • Calophyllum
  • Damson Plum
  • Fish Tail Oak
  • Hickory Ash
  • Kuranda Satin Ash
  • Maple Silkwood
  • Miva Mahogany
  • Northern Sassasfras
  • Queensland Walnut
  • Queensland White Wood
  • Red Cedar
  • Red Mahogany
  • Red Silkwood
  • Red Silky Oak
  • Red Siris
  • Red Tea Tree
  • Rose Butternut
  • Rose Mahogany
  • Scaly Ash
  • Silver Quandong
  • White Beech
  • White Tea Tree
  • Yellow Walnut
  • Yellow Siris

This non core timber range is available on request.

Please contact Branch 95 for availability as these species are rare and seldom in stock.