The Branch 95 story starts in 2014, when Director Curly Tatnell received a phone call from a landholder in North Queensland, advising he was going to clear a block of land that contained Australian hardwood timber.


After visiting the property and inspecting the timber, which was totally different from the native hardwoods Dale and Meyers had traditionally milled, a decision was made to transport the logs to our Tiaro Mill for processing. It was evident after processing, that this unique timber from North Queensland was as good as or even better than the exotic timbers that were being imported.

Curly recognised opporuntiy in the timber’s intrinsic qualities, but he had to ascertain how much resource would be available to ensure an ongoing supply. After a few months of investigation he became convinced that there was an adequate supply of resource to establish a market on an ongoing basis.

By September 2015 the first block of hardwood timber was harvested in North Queensland, the logs were transported to the company’s primarily based workforce in Tiaro for processing, over 2000kms from where the trees were logged.

Around the same time Curly was again approached, this time by a representative from Cape York Partnerships, advising that they had established a mill at Cooktown to create employment opportunities for indigenous workers but were having problems and asked if Curly would visit. A deal was negotiated where Dale and Meyers would supply the mill with the logs that were currently being carting over 2000km.

This agreement helped Cape York Partnerships to continue employing the local indigenous workers and reduced freight costs for Dale and Meyers. To market this unique North Queensland timber Dale and Meyers decided to create a new division within the Company known as Branch 95. Branch 95 currently offers a range of over thirty different species. Its production is sold as feature timbers to the furniture and joinery, flooring, cladding and decking markets, with the remainder sold into the building or construction-grade market.

Branch 95 is an exciting new venture in Australian hardwood timbers.